250 – New home, new love, new journey

Nearly half a year has passed, since I arrived on the Vlierhof and postponed my journey to Italy (and further).
I stopped writing because I wanted this to be a travel blog. Although there was some travelling in between then and now, it was never to the extent that I would consider it “travelling” as when I started my journey.

By now I am connected more and more to the Vlierhof – to the people and the place itself. I even registered in Cleves (so I am even officially living on Vlierhof now). I grew to be in a quite responsible position, not only in terms of work, but also in terms of the organisational development and in terms of – yes, family.

I have a new home now.

I don’t want or need to go in detail on what I do on the Vlierhof and who lives there with me, that would definitely burst this post. But let me say this much: I am still responsible for bed & breakfast and marketing, but lately I have been picking up a lot of IT work, keeping the digital infrastructure organised. At the same time I contributed a lot towards the development of the community, bringing it forward and organising the internal structure better.

More importantly, I met a wonderful Mexican woman, who came to volunteer on the Vlierhof. We connected with each other quite quickly and realised, that we carried the same love in us. We became a couple.
All in all, we lived together on Vlierhof for about two months, then she needed to leave the Schengen area and went to volunteer in Israel. (For those who don’t know: the Schengen area is the area in which members of most European countries can travel freely, without border controls. Apparently this agreement also included, that American citizens could only stay at most 3 months in this area, before having to leave the Schengen area for 3 months again.)
Quickly I realised that I could not wait 3 months until I would see her again. I decided to go travelling again.

And that is how I ended up writing again, as this is the first journey that feels like “travelling” again, as in the beginning.

Right now, I am sitting at the airport in Eindhoven, waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv, from where I am going to the Golan Heights, joining my beloved for two months, volunteering in a hostel!

That’s it for now, they just announced my gate, so I will board the plane soon.

Loving greetings to everybody who is still reading my blog

Falk von Freigeist

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