Rules of Duality

Sometimes its just like this: You had a perfect day or night (or almost, since perfection is not really reachable), and the next day you feel physically tired, but have a feeling, that everything will fall in place this day. And my experience until now was kinda like that. Today, it was different…

I believe in parts in the concept of everything having a reason to happen and to be, as some of you know. This means I believe there is a reason for duality as well, for everything having its counterpart, like love and hate, black and white. Sometimes its very easy for my subconsciousness to understand things related to this. And I see now, in the moment I am writing this, that this day is a good example for that.

The mood of the community (or probably just me and a few selected community members) switched quickly during the course of a few hours. And I felt that there was some kind of energy turmoil, probably because of this mood shifts.

But it normalized more or less by now, just wanted to share some insight in my feelings and thoughts. 😉

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