4 – First impressions

I am sitting in the garden shed of a nice family from Billerbeck, that lets me stay a night in their garden, in my tent and they even let me use their tablet (oft course only for this evening;). I have three hiking days and one work day behindert me. Two time about 20 km and one time 10. There hasn’t happened a lot those days, but something inside of me changed; I have become calmer, enjoy things more and easier and I am more in balance. I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. šŸ˜€

I had to write the route for tomorrow down neatly, otherwise I would have had to do detours. I am walking to Gescher. I noticed, that 20 km are not that hard for me as I had suspected, so that’s my distance for tomorrow.

I want to highlight my last host, the Pannkokenhus Teitekerl. I’ve been bid welcome without problems, could raise my tent on a small patch of grass and was surprised the next morning with the rest from the breakfast and the opportunity to shower. I legt happily with gold wishes and a few maps of the region.

Now this short update has fledged into a full-grown post… Well, who knows, when the next opportunity to write will arise.



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