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1 – Awakening

A few months have come and gone and I (and some circumstances) have delayed the day, I finally put my feet in my hands (translated german proverb) and begin my journey. But today is the day!!!

My journal from my test hike is still only in written form, but I will definitely publish it here eventually.

Actually I wanted to start yesterday, but as the chaotic person I am, I wasn’t able to get all my things and pack my backpack through (probably self-induced) stress. One day delay, but with two months delay already a day is marginal. 😉

I packed everything yesterday, in fact I started collecting everything essential a good while ago. So I had everything I needed, this is the packing list.

One my not believe it, but I am hardly excited (at least not in a stressful way), just enjoy the good starting weather and am glad. I will start towards the nursery (for plants) of the parents of a friend and in the following days I will cross the dutch border!

Glück auf! (german proverb, translates very roughly to “Happy hiking!”)


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